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  •    Completive todo and its implications (the link to my September 2023 dissertation is right below)

Fraga, Carolina. 2023. Completive todo: Implications for Possessives, Existentials, and Locative Expressions. Cuny Academic Works.​

  •    Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish

Fraga, Carolina. 2022. Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish. Language 98(2): 290–326. 

  •    Completive all in English

Fraga, Carolina. 2023. Completive all in English and the status of all. Yale Working Papers in Grammatical Diversity 5 (2), 1– 26.

  •    Spatial Prepositions

​​Fraga, Carolina. 2020. Spanish prepositions and silent PLACE. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 5(1): 121–131. DOI:


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