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Conference presentations 


- June 30, 2023: "Determiner drop in vernacular English," joint work with Christina Tortora and William Oliver, talk given at the REEDs Workshop, University of Amsterdam.

- September 22, 2022: "Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish," invited talk given as part of the Ling-lunch series, New York University.

- May 10, 2022: "Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish," invited talk given in the Romance Linguistics Circle (RoLinC), Cambridge/Newcastle, UK. You can find my slides for this talk here.

- April 23, 2022: "Completive todo across Spanish varieties," talk given at the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL) 52, University of Wisconsin-Madison.


- January 3, 2020: "Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish," poster presented at the anual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, New Orleans. You can find my poster here.

- October 7, 2017: "Spatial Prepositions in Spanish," poster presented at the 7th Mid-Atlantic Colloquium of Studies in Meaning   (MACSIM 7), Georgetown University. 

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