My main subfields of interest are syntax and morphology. I am particularly interested in spatial prepositions in Spanish, (un)boundedness, the syntax of possession, and Spanish existentials.

  • Spatial Prepositions

My paper "Spanish prepositions and silent PLACE", which is a revised version of my Master's thesis, appeared in Glossa: a journal of general linguistics in December 2020.

  • Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish


You can click on the icon below to see my 2020 LSA poster on Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish. A version of this work has just been accepted for publication in Language and will appear in 2022.


I am also very happy to be working as part of the research team of the Yale Grammatical Diversity Project, led by Raffaella Zanuttini, Laurence Horn & Jim Wood (Yale University) for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.


- April 23 2022: "Completive todo across Spanish varieties," talk given at the Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages 

  (LSRL) 52, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

- May 10 2022: "Completive todo in Rioplatense Spanish," invited talk given in the Romance Linguistics Circle (RoLinC),

  Cambridge/Newcastle, UK.  Below you can find my slides for this talk: