I.E.S.L.V. “Juan Ramón Fernández,” Buenos Aires, Argentina

After finishing high school, I started studying to become an ESL teacher at I.E.S.L.V “Juan Ramón Fernández,” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was during these early years as an undergraduate that I took my first course in generative syntax. I found it irresistible. From this moment onwards, it was absolutely clear to me that I wanted to pursue a career as a linguist.


Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Río Negro, Argentina

My first years as a linguist, right after obtaining my degree as an ESL teacher, were divided practically evenly between teaching and studying.  At that  time I started pursuing an M.A. program in linguistics at Universidad Nacional del Comahue (UNCOMA), in Río Negro, the only program in my country with a formal approach to the study of language.  


UNCOMA is thirteen hours away from my hometown. This meant I had to juggle work, studies and biweekly trips, but the benefit was enormous: here I became equipped with the basic knowledge and tools that developed me as a linguist.


Unfortunately, the lack of funding for the program at UNCOMA resulted in periods when practically no courses were taught. This meant that progress towards the degree became painfully slow for most of us students, and I had to quit the program with the bitterness of not having earned my degree.


The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York

At the end of 2012, as a special gift of fate, at a moment when I had practically thrown in the towel of ever becoming a linguist, personal circumstances brought me to New York. I applied to the M.A. program in Linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center, got my admission and started in September 2014.  

At the end of 2015, I began working on my Master’s thesis entitled Spatial Prepositions in Spanish, which I submitted in January 2017.

At the moment, I am pursuing a PhD in Linguistics, also at the CUNY Graduate Center, where I work under the supervision of Prof. Christina Tortora.

      El puente de la mujer, in Buenos Aires
                    Bariloche, Argentina
                     New York, New York